Personal Wellness

We believe, being proactive rather than reactive is the key to living a healthy life.  At The Santé Clinic we follow the National Wellness Institutes 6 dimensions of wellness model to keep you on the right track throughout every stage of your life. 

Your wellness journey with us starts with a Metabolic Code questionnaire: Epigentics, the emerging study of how our environment effects the expression of our genes and consequently how our body deals with stress is a key component of the test.  The most in-depth look at your life you will ever take, this questionnaire forms the foundation of our Wellness program. This is then followed by Advanced diagnostic testing: Genetics, stress hormones, allergy, antioxidant levels and more. Along with additional information collected from The Santé 6 Survey: a proprietary analysis of your social, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, occupational and financial wellness.

Your personal roadmap to wellness:

It’s not just a printout of results, it’s a blueprint for your life.  Our wellness spa coach in Edmond, OK, will review your scores with you, showing you areas of improvement and giving you the tools to optimize your life.  Dietary counseling, lifestyle modification, it’s all in there.  Combined with our clinicians medically prescribed treatment you will see and feel the difference in your life. Wellness across the lifespan is our mission here at the Santé Clinic. Take the journey with us.


Corporate Wellness

Let us design a corporate wellness program for you and your employment team. According to Fortune, a study conducted by Harvard shows that employers who offer wellness plans to their staff improve employee health and productivity, reduce health risks, and save the company money in the long run. Corporate wellness programs are a direct investment back to your company. By reducing health risks through a corporate wellness program, you will reduce lost man hours to sick leave and improve morale.  That equals increased productivity and raises your bottom line.  That’s a win-win for everyone.

Our wellness spa in Edmond, OK offers solutions for companies of all sizes in Edmond, OK. Our wellness programs are designed to cater specifically to the needs and objectives of your company and team members’ health. We educate your staff on wellness practices to integrate into their lifestyle that are conducive to the well-being of themselves and their families’. We can collaborate with you to establish on-site health programs or determine health plans that your team can use at any time. Make wellness a part of your business plan.  Contact us to today for a corporate level evaluation.

Take your wellness journey with us today!