Weight Loss | Starting at $125

Have you tried every fad diet out there only to see little or no weight loss? Tried “diet” pills at that supplement store chain in the mall only to see no change on the scale? Are you ready for something that actually works?

Santé certified wellness providers utilize in-depth genetic analysis to determine the diet and exercise that will work best for you.  We will support you in your weight-loss journey with supportive lifestyle counseling, testing and treatment options.

  • Our 6-month weight loss program includes:

  • DNA, Food intolerance, hormone testing

  • FDA approved weight loss medications

  • Injectable and IV weight loss treatments

  • Scientifically backed medical foods to boost metabolism

  • Exercise prescriptions based on your unique DNA

  • Weekly follow-up to track results and ensure compliance

  • Personal trainer options available

  • Discounts on Aesthetic services to help tone your body

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