Do you remember the days when you knew your medical provider and they knew you? 

It seems “urgent care” has replaced quality healthcare in this country.  The Santé Clinic is here to bring quality care back; we want to know you not just treat you.  Our top priority is our patients, which is why our medical practice is built on patient-centric principles.  To prove this point, we offer same day and walk in appointments.  You will NEVER hear “we can’t see you today” when you call for an appointment.

Our team of nationally certified medical practitioners, primary care physician and nurse staff provides primary medical care to adolescents and adults age 16 and older in OKC.  If you long for the days when your medical provider knew you by name then contact the Santé Clinic today.  

Our Primary Care Service in OKC offers:

  • Primary Care Provider (PCP) assignment

  • Same-day acute illness evaluation and treatment (cold and flu)

  • Chronic disease management (Diabetes, Hypertension etc)

  • Injury care (sports/work related injuries)

  • Preventative care (vaccinations and annual physicals)

Now accepting new patients!