Recover From Your Injury ASAP

The Santé Clinic is committed to helping men and women recover from injury as quickly as possible.  We are different from your traditional doctor’s office, urgent care or ER.  We utilize the latest, most effective treatment options in the world to get you back to work or back in the game safely and quickly.  Below is a description of our injury recover program treatments along with pricing.  When you enroll in our Injury recovery program you get free concierge medical care.  24 hours a day, 7 day a week access to our clinician via phone, text or email.  If you need to be seen for anything else during your time in the program its covered (labs and medications may be an additional fee).  It’s our way of showing you we care about you and want to take care of everything. 

  • BPC-157 injection – A naturally occurring peptide found in the gut that protects against erosion of the stomach lining. In clinical studies it was found to promote healing of tendon, ligament and muscle damage when injected directly in to the site of injury. It works by turning on your body’s natural growth and repair factors commonly known as PRP. Safe, effective and something your body already makes, BPC-157 is a key component of our injury protocol. 

  • Hot/Cold Hammer therapy – A specially designed wand that applies deep penetrating heat directly to the site of injury to increase blood flow. The heat application boosts the effects sensing of BPC-157. Immediately following your heat treatment, a cooling treatment is applied to help decrease pain and inflammation. The combination of hot/cold creates a therapeutic healing process that shortens injury time.

  • SlimSpec Hyperacoustic Shockwave therapy – Ultrasound on steroids, that’s how we described SlimSpec. Ultrasonic shockwaves promote healing by inducing injured tissue to turn on its natural healing processes. Highly effective, non-painful this can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with our other therapies. 

  • Massage Therapy – Massage therapy can be an integral part of any injury recovery by increasing blood flow and aid lymphatic drainage. Our skilled masseuse can utilize a variety of techniques to get you the best results possible. 

  • Stem Cell Therapy – See our section on Stem Cell therapy to learn how this regenerative treatment can help you recover from injury and avoid surgery. 

Injury Recovery Pricing

BPC-157 INJECTIONS | $350 for 30 days of treatment

  • Direct site of injury injection

HOT/COLD THERAPY – per treatment session | $50

  • 5 session package | $200

  • 10 session package | $400


  • Per treatment session

MASSAGE THERAPY | starting at $40

  • Treatments are 30-90 minutes

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