HRT Benefits for Women


Depression is more prevalent in females than males. Changes in premenstrual syndrome mood and premenstrual dysphoric disorder, post-childbirth and postmenopause are all associated with sudden decreases in hormone concentrations. Hormone Replacement Therapy in Edmond, OK, is a treatment presently used to relieve menopause symptoms. HRT may also assist avoid osteoporosis that thins the bone. However, it is not known the real contribution of hormones to depression. If you have had depression before and are considering HRT, be sure to inform your doctor.

You may believe of hot flashes and night sweats when you think of menopause. But there are also many women experiencing depression symptoms. During the menopause transition, the risk of depression doubles or even quadruples, which has researchers looking for ways to address the problem — or even prevent it.

Benefits of Exercise

Regular exercise is proven to reduce stress, depression, anxiety, increases self-esteem, better sleep, improve heart health, increases energy levels, lowers blood pressure, better muscle tone and strength, health and strong bone and reduced body fat.

The main message for females is that depression should be taken seriously during perimenopause and early postmenopause, and females should be controlled more carefully for depressive symptoms at this point of life.

Symptoms of depression are not a sign of someone failing to deal. This is really a phenomenon of the brain. So, here are some results-based action points.

Be conscious of the danger of depression. Knowing that depression is more prevalent during perimenopause and early postmenopause may assist you recognize and act rapidly on worrisome symptoms. If you are perimenopausal or in early postmenopause, during your frequent visits, your doctor of hormone replacement therapy in Edmond, OK, should ideally screen you for symptoms of mood.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Weighing The Pros and Cons of Hormone Therapy

For some females, hormone therapy can be the correct decision. Talk about the future advantages and hazards to your doctor. Consider how lengthy hormone therapy should be used and whether other medical reasons should be considered. Keep in mind that to fully comprehend the potential advantages and disadvantages of using this treatment to avoid depression, more study is required. Talk to your doctor about whether you might find healthy alternative behavioral approaches or antidepressant drugs.

Consider modifications in lifestyle and therapy. Whether or not you choose hormone therapy, nondrug strategies can also be used to decrease the probability of depressive symptoms, including stress management and physical activity enhancement.

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