Hormone Replacement & Females- Everything You Need to Know

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Experts say that the pros and cons unique to their history of personal health should be carefully considered by women considering HRT. This is risk-to-benefit trade-off. Other problems, such as blood clots, can happen in relation to cancer. But HRT may assist to manage symptoms of menopause and enhance the quality of life of women. HRT has other health benefits in addition to reduced menopause symptoms, including decreased colon and osteoporosis risks. HRT has also been identified as a health care provider.

However, HRT is not recommended for females with estrogen-positive breast cancer, according to many experts of hormone replacement in Edmond, OK. They suggest that for people with a history of ovarian or endometrial cancer, they would only consider prescribe HRT for very short time use of extremely poor menopausal females. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advises women who are "not using HRI or uterine cancers" for or have had certain cancers and warns them to take the lowest dose needed to relieve symptoms for the shortest time possible.

Each female should tell her doctor whether it is secure and suitable to consider using HRT, no matter what the circumstances or eventual decisions. HRT is also a short-term option, even if it opts for it. To take this for more than three to five years is likely not a good idea, the experts added, stating that females have additional alternatives available to take cycling through before using HRT, such as vaginal moisturizers, lubricant, certain antidepressants and anti-seizure medicines that may aid in warm blows and mood swings. Females should talk to their doctor about hormone therapy that can be safer than systemic oral treatment.

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