Here Are the Wellness Trends in 2019

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The worldwide wellness trends report was published and in 2019, so here we share the best trends.

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) identifies new trends every year, drawing on the insights of a panel of experts from executives, renowned economists, professionals of medicine and welfare, academics and industry leaders in all wellness sectors. This kind of information helps us better serve Edmond, OK from our wellness spa.

Explore, learn the best wellness trends in 2019:


Meditation should develop from a singular to a plural practice as the special types of meditation and their unique effect on the mental well-being are better understood.

While there are different types of meditation, three main mechanisms are established. a) focused attention, b) open monitoring, and c) self-transcending (involved silent mantras).

Each is an alternative practice, which activates various brain waves and results. As these core types are studied through more clinical research, more people understand that various meditation practices can help them to achieve different goals.


Evidence-based studies nowadays are releasing quickly on the important impact of fragrance on our physical, cognitive and emotional well-being. Medical studies are underway to test functional scents for pharmaceuticals in homes and offices. As study has shown, more marketers use fragrance in their marketing strategies.

For example, the scent is used as null calories for drinks, restaurants create scented menus, and certain luxury hotels allow guests to customize the aroma of their room on a scent menu.



While CBD was all raging in 2018, the newly adopted Farm Bill continues to increase in 2019, removing hemp from the Controlled Substances Act. The new legislation has been adopted. In a fresh age of wellbeing based on plants, we will see more CBD products targeting special distresses with supplementary natural ingredients.


The most effective fitness workouts generate an area where individuals can change their physical energy, but more importantly, their emotional energy, into the mental area. It's a kind of active meditation at a moment when people's emotions and spirituality, as well as their physical selves, are over-focused on taking care of their emotions and spiritual self.

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