Everything You Need to Know About Swedish Massage

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Swedish Massage is a widespread western world massage therapy. This treatment generally lubricates the body with essential oils and then slips and pulls the muscles warming and breaking the muscle knots. Pressure on the sensitive areas of the body during strokes is lower and pressure on muscular areas is greater. You can go for wellness spa in Edmond, OK.

Also known as Classic Massage, it utilizes five styles that enhance your blood flow, calm your muscles and make you feel relaxed.

The strokes Used for Swedish massage

The name Effleurage is a French term meaning "to lightly touch" and consists of constant rhythmic circular stroke with a hand palm.  Effleuragi means sliding or gliding. Especially before a profound tissue treatment it is a warming process for your muscles.

Petrissage (Kneading)

This means slow rhythmic massage with additional stress on profound muscles. Kneading, rolling and picking-up-and-squeezing are common massage movements.


Tapotement is derived from the French term "tapot," meaning "tap". The name tapotement is derived from this term. It is a rhythmic massage motion that uses the top of your hand and your fingerstips and your palms. With its systemic movements, it activates the nervous system.

A woman lying on a bed and taking spa

Benefits of Swedish massage

Researchers from the Cedars-Sinai Center Medical in Los Angeles have reported important declines in blood cortisol and saliva concentrations of stress hormone (COC) and in Arginine vasopressin (AHV), a hormone that can lead to cortisol increase, among volunteers receiving Swedish massage. Their amount of white blood cells, which belong to the immune system, also increased. They also increased.

Additional clinical studies have found that Swedish massage may decrease low back pain for up to 15 weeks. In patients with knee arthritis over eight weeks, the Swedish massage has shown itself to help reduce pain, joints and improve function.

  • Enhances circulation in the blood

  • Improves the immune system 

  • Reduces pressure and helps to relax the mind 

  • Enhances your sleep quality 

  • Calms your nervous system 

  • Locks your joints and soothes muscle pain 

  • Flushes out muscle toxins

How to look for this therapy before you get it?

You must inform the doctor of any conditions and regions before the massage that you do not want to participate in the session.

This treatment utilizes oil and it is advisable to visit a spa with disposable underclothing. This treatment includes percussive motions and your therapist needs to be experienced.

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**Disclaimer: The article above implies no medical advice; it constitutes no terms between patient and doctor.