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Santé, French for "health". At Santé Clinic & Aesthetics we offer true healthcare through advanced diagnostic testing and regenerative medicine protocols.  We don’t do sick care.  Reversing the aging process, making you look and feel younger, and preventing illness is what we do, and we do it better than anyone else. 

We offer advanced aesthetic procedures used by celebrities, state-of-art hormone optimization, sexual wellness for both men and women, weight loss protocols that work and now stem cell therapy.  Book a consult today to find out how our Anti-Aging Program can change your life.  Live SANTÉ!

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Our spa utilizes the latest technologies like the Vivace Experience and exclusive skincare products used by celebrities. Check out all the we have to offer by clicking the link below, or begin your anti-aging transformation now by scheduling an appointment.


12 Month Anti-Aging Program

As one of the only true anti-aging clinics in the state we can slow the biologic aging process and reverse the signs and symptoms of aging.  We seek to find and treat the root causes of your decreased energy, low libido, mental fatigue and more through the use of advanced diagnostic tests and wellness evaluations.

The cornerstone of our program is a scientifically backed regimen of bio-identical hormones, genetically specific diet/exercise prescription, dietary supplements and advanced dermatologic procedures.  We can increase your body’s natural ability to heal itself and ultimately remain younger, longer.  You are going to see a total mind/body transformation. 

 Our 12-month Anti-Aging program utilizes the full power of Santé Clinic & Aesthetics:

  • Allergy, DNA, hormone, micronutrient and traditional laboratory testing

  • Hormone optimization – Oral peptides, bioidentical pellets and injectables

  • Full wellness assessment – A complete review of systems, physical exam and proprietary wellness questionnaire.

  • Skin and body aesthetics – procedures and products used by notable celebrities to restore your appearance.

  • Weight loss management – Medically approved diets, exercise, injections and IV therapies based on your unique genetic reports.

  • Follow-up – Our team will work closely with you to make sure that your treatment plan is meeting your expectations.  Once you have achieved optimal results we transition you to our maintenance  program to maintain your results. 


You’ve committed to us to help you stay healthy, you shouldn’t have to pay when you are sick.

Every member of our anti-aging program receives free concierge medical care. What does that mean? It means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you can call, text, email our medical team if you have a medical problem. We will respond. If you need to be seen in person there will never be a wait. You’ll be examined in the office at the time that’s right for you. Proof that we are committed to your complete health and wellness.


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